Camillion Corp. is a media entertainment company with interests in the technology/innovation sector. Currently, Camillion is launching an emerging global media entertainment property, "El Tabador" (www.eltabador.com), with a family comedy TV series.

In technology, the company focuses on "later stage" growth companies with a proven business model, committed management and strong intellectual property. Camillion is headed by Carl Demarco, an experienced entertainment business executive who previously headed World Wrestling Entertainment Canada, Latin America & China and then played a lead role in WWE's global expansion.
In the News

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"El Tabador" is a prime time situation comedy about a world champion wrestler that happens to be tiny, yet inexplicably strong, suave and intelligent. With an animated character living in a live-action world, the mixed-media style of the show takes the half-hour comedy to a new level. In his celebrity lifestyle, El Tabador lives in a mansion with his offbeat entourage, dealing with guest stars from both the Hollywood and Wrestling world. Shot in "mockumentary" format like Modern Family and the Office, the series will appeal to young adults and families alike.
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